Zoho People

Manage Core HR processes and more

Save time & Increase productivity

Empower your employees, streamline HR processes, improve efficiency and ensure compliance with Zoho People’s comprehensive cloud-based HR software. Packed full of features crafted to save time, nurture employees and make HR Management simple and effective.

  • Comprehensive, customizable, and easy user interface
  • Manage employees’ activities such as in performance appraisal, rewards, leave and holiday administration
  • Manage multiple organizations using a single mail ID
  • Increase productivity by encouraging employee collaboration & knowledge sharing
  • Third-party integration & Mobile application

Zoho Cliq

Encourage collaboration between colleagues

Create a safe space for your team

Promote team communication and collaboration in real time. Create channels for specific projects. Audio and video calls allow employees to be productive without leaving their desks. Remote working has never been easier. Keep the team united even when far away.

  • Add prospective clients to channels for business discussions and involve your clients in projects
  • Improve communication within your company without leaving your applications
  • Search for conversations and files easily with Zoho’s AI assistant – Zia
  • Pin important information for colleagues and set reminders within chats and discussion channels
  • Audio and video calls with up to 100 users
  • Integrate with a range of third-party and Zoho applications

Zoho Expense

Manage your expense on the move

Automate your business travel and spend

Save hours and money working on monthly expense reports. Automate and simplify reporting by eliminating needless data entry. Integrate with other Zoho applications and immediately get reports for the appropriate project. Upload receipts on the go and have fewer receipts laying around.

  • Automatically create expense from receipts, card transactions
  • Multi-level approvals and configure out-of-office approvers
  • Automatically enforce spend rules and limits
  • Achieve pinpoint mileage accuracy using the Zoho Expense mileage tracker app, featuring a foolproof GPS supported tracking system
  • Set mileage rate for your company
  • Automated expense reporting and approval

Zoho Sign

Digitally verify and sign legally binding documents from any location and on any device

A time and cost-efficient approach to signatures

Simplify, track, and navigate the process of getting documents digitally signed. Everything you could possibly need to send forms – Signature, tracking progress, storage, and organization; all in one application. Easily set up new templates and reuse for other clients repeatedly. Store templates and signed documents in one place.

  • Securely create, sign, send, and manage business documents online
  • Collect signatures from multiple signers in any preferred order
  • Ensure security and legality with high-level encryption and permission controls
  • Set expiration dates and send out reminders as the due date approaches
  • Build automated electronic signature workflows to close deals quickly

Zoho Shifts

Optimize your workforce management

Excellent features to empower your team
Tired of hours spent updating staffing spreadsheets, emailing them out and then having to change them straight away?

Shifts is a simple to use but comprehensive staff management application that allows you to streamline your shift scheduling by setting up and changing shifts quickly and effectively, plus you can export the time and attendance data for use with payroll. It comes with excellent reporting plus easy to read real-time management dashboards. There is a mobile app for staff and this allows them to check in/out, log breaks, receive automatic alerts as to their shifts (& any changes) and allows them to advise of swaps, drops, request holidays, etc.

Zoho Shifts is ideal for SMBs and Enterprise businesses – including Bars, Clubs, Restaurants, Hotels, Fast Food, Supermarkets, Healthcare, Community Centres – in fact anywhere that has staff working shifts! Shifts is only €20 per month for 10 users and each additional new users is only €2 a month.

  • Minimize scheduling conflicts
  • Automatic shift reminders
  • Shift trade and shift swap option
  • Hassle-free attendance management
  • Manage timesheets easily
  • Export data for your payroll