Cloudtech HR can help you make improvements to your people and your business processes & systems.

Cloudtech HR has been operating successfully in Ireland & the UK since 2009. During this time, we have improved Human Resources business efficiency and implemented a variety of business systems for 300+ organisations (that is over 700 projects!); from small local companies right up to major charities, state bodies and large multi-nationals.

Cloudtech HR is a professional services company that specialises in enabling business change for companies by:

  • Improving the quality of business outputs
  • Facilitating companies to go paperless
  • Reducing the chances of human errors and malpractices while collating data
  • Removing unnecessary business costs and obstacles
  • Enabling compliance and regulatory standards
  • Saving time and automating repetitive HR tasks

Cloudtech HR is 100% focused on Zoho Applications

Cloudtech connects end to end HR business processes and reduces back-office workloads by looking for repetitive, manual administration that can be automated. This removes cost, increases throughput, and avoids costly manual errors and the ensuing rework.

We carry out business analysis to document and streamline your processes and provide you with an achievable roadmap to follow. Once any changes have been signed off (and it is clear how it will be measured) will we work with you and your team to provide training and implementation services to put in place the right Zoho software solution.

Are you ready to make changes?

Our team of experienced professionals will work with your company to carry out SWOT analysis, strategic reviews, define cost benefit cases, and carry out all aspects of business process modelling and engineering. These are practical and pragmatic engagements targeted at getting business change resolved quickly and effectively.

We provide business enabling technology to make it real

Following engagement with your senior business team, we can supply technical and business project resources to manage and implement solutions. We work in all areas of Human Resource Management offering bespoke consultation, training, and implementation of Zoho HR Management, Recruitment & Training Solutions for the varied needs of our clients. These include Zoho People, Recruit, Cliq (collaborative working), Sign (legally certified online signing), Shifts (employee scheduling and tracking), Vault (secure online password storage) and TrainerCentral (platform to create and sell your own online courses)

We work for all sectors

Cloudtech HR implements HR solutions across industry and business sectors, including Manufacturing, Engineering, Financial Services, Telecommunications and Media, Utilities, Travel and Transport (including logistics), Local and Central government and for SMEs through to large multi-nationals.

  • Our aim is to build a long-term relationship with you so that we can provide enduring and comprehensive solutions from your initial requirements through to ongoing support.
  • Our objective is to fuse your business processes with the best technology solutions.
  • Our expertise is to get rid of the paperwork and spreadsheets, and free up your HR professionals’ time for more productive activities.
  • We practice what we preach and use Zoho applications as part of our day-to-day operations – from Accounts & Finance, CRM, Project Management, Campaigns, HR and Support.